Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing Hooky

I played hooky today, kind of. Yesterday was a stunningly gorgeous day, and I spent it almost entirely in the library. Today was more of the same. Ergo, despite the fact that I have lots of work to do, I decided to take the afternoon off. So, so glad I did. I'll be extra productive tomorrow as a result, I'm sure.

Oh gosh, how can I describe the beauty of today? The sun was shining, the only clouds were little puffy ones hugging the tips of the mountains that ring the city, and the air was clearer than I've yet seen it (in general, the air quality here is pretty bad).

For some reason, I got hungry today way earlier than usual, to the point that I was afraid I was going to faint during my second class. I ended up leaving 15 minutes early so I could go downstairs and get a sandwich and a coffee. I sat outside in the sun and fresh air, ate some lunch, and felt ten thousand times better. I then decided that going back inside to read would be one of the Stupidest Things Ever, and that I should go wandering instead. Fortunately, I had remembered to bring my camera with me that morning, because I wanted to take a picture of the Reformation Wall, and morning is the best time to do it, because by noontime Guillaume Farel's head (guy on the far left) is obscured by shadows of tree branches.

Anyway. I proceeded to hop on a bus to see what "Genève Plage" was. As far as I can tell, not actually a "plage", though there were a large set of stone steps leading down into the lake. I must be spoiled, coming from the coast. Then I decided to hop on one of the little across-the-lake ferries and just ride around for a bit. It was really windy on the water, and the lake was super choppy. I sat right up front and got facefuls of water in between snapping photos of the vineyards in the distance. It was totally awesome. After a while I got off at "Parc Mon Repos", which is actually a rather large green space along the edge of the lake, and I laid in the sunshine and read a chapter of a book relating to my paper, and got some good ideas, and felt very rested and productive. Rejuvenated, really, is the term to use here. I kept getting distracted though, by the gorgeous panorama of the green lawn and purple flowerbeds rolling down to the blue blue lake, with the green mountains across the way and Mont Blanc appearing out of the clouds in the distance.

I'm home now, to update my blog and eat some dinner. Then I have Adoration tonight, and choir right after. How could today get any more awesome? Seriously. I'm going to get so much done tomorrow, all because I took a few hours off today. Awesome awesome awesome.

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