Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dear self, you are not made of iron. Stop being retarded, take your damn ibuprofen, and drink a Coke before working out. And speak more French while you're at it, stop being so lazy.

Yeah, I should listen to myself more often.

I'm not really sure what's going on; it's the third practice in a row that I've had to stop because I was getting dizzy. Tonight I was actually starting to black out before I sat my ass down. What the hell, I should be getting better, not worse. Oh yeah, and my hips have decided not to rotate. Again. Last time that happened it bothered me for months.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

In other news, the sisters here at the residence threw us a little potluck party tonight. It was really cute; they were clearly all very excited and dressed in their nicest skirt and sweaters, and everyone brought something to share, and the sisters had even made little flag indicators to show what country the food was from. I hope they were happy with the turnout.

I've been gathering girls from the res to go to what is apparently the really super cool awesome omg Halloween party organized by Glocals, that expat pseudo-Facebook website. But girls who have gone in past years tell me it's actually a lot of fun, and I already have two people who will definitely go. It's from 10pm to 3am though, which is, you know, normally the time I'm sleeping. I hope I stay awake enough to have a good time. I'm going to have a sleep-deprivation hangover for the next 3 days, I'm sure. Should be fun though. In fact, the last time I went to a club was also at Halloween ... 2004. Organized by McGill Rez Council. At La Boom. When I was 17. ... Wish me luck, everybody.

And today wasn't all bad; I just get really frustrated at judo and my inability to make my corpus do what I want. In fact, one awesome thing did happen: I had a presentation to do in class for the most boring book evar omg and I decided that it would be easier to write out my points in English and then translate them, because the book was so confusing I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep it all straight in French. Well, of course it took me much longer than expected (mainly because I had written a lot more than I realized; the translation part was surprisingly, and reassuringly, easy), and I had to go to class with about the last 3rd of it untranslated. I was horrified - I had given up my whole weekend to work on this damn thing, and not only that, but this is the prof I want to impress the most because she's the one I want to work with if I come back here. (Her brain scares me, but that's a post for another time.)

Long story short, the first presenter took a full hour for her presentation, so by the time we were wrapping up the second presentation it was already five minutes to 6. I got off scot-free, and managed to ask some intelligent questions, in the appropriate language, to boot. (Actually they weren't even that intelligent - I pulled the "indignant historian criticizing a philosophical work" card. In academia, when in doubt, be indignant. It somehow legitimizes whatever stupid things might then come out of your mouth in the eyes of those who have to listen to you.) (Academia is so stupid.)

I'm going to read some Milton, and go to bed. And try not to think about all the other projects I have to do in the next 2 months.

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