Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Nice Little Post

Dear everybody,

Sorry for being such a blogging flake this week. I was in Zurich Friday to Sunday (which I haven't written about yet because I keep telling myself that I will make a whole post on it, and of course I'm not that organized), which, while super fun and a great trip, put me 3 days behind in my school work. At the end of the second week, I'm already feeling overwhelmed by the amount of reading I have to do. I have, however, made myself a study schedule, which helps me procrastinate less simply because, when I have extra time and no idea of what to do, I can just check the schedule and see "Oh yes, I should read for my class on Milton" or "I should start reading for my giant in-French presentation at the end of this month!" etc., rather than what I normally do, which is "Oh, I know I have some reading to do, but it's probably not that important if I can't remember it. Maybe checking my email for just one teeny little second will jog my memory and get me back on track..." Which is, of course, bigger than the lie told to Eve in the garden.

But I'm home now, done with classes for the week, and with nothing scheduled for this evening. So I can just read for the next several hours, while I happily chomp on my lovely European "butter-flavor" popcorn. I also think that I've hit on a possible paper topic, inspired, in fact, by what I saw in Zurich (I know! I'll get to it!), so I'm going to read through a book published in the '60s to see if I can determine whether it will be a viable idea. After that, I'll find a prof to supervise. Hopefully. That's the plan, anyway.

Also, it looks like it's going to rain. We have some dark clouds rolling in over the mountains to the west. As much as the "23 degrees and sunny" was totally and completely fabulous, it's a little less disorienting to have seasonable weather. Maybe it'll rain and then get nice again. Because, you know, that's what weather does. It rains, and then it doesn't rain.

Maybe I should take a nap. I'm having a lot of trouble stringing together sentences, and even more trouble typing them.

Thanks for listening.

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