Thursday, October 27, 2011

A List

Things I want to do in Switzerland:

* Take a picture of the rapids/tiny waterfall near where I live
* Visit Paris
Visit Rome
*Apply for (more) grad school
Visit Interlaken
Visit Ticino
Go swimming in the lake
Visit Lausanne
Go into the Alps, somehow
* Finish my Huguenots-in-Ireland research
Go salsa dancing
Become comfortably fluent in French
* Eat cheese fondue
Eat raclette
Try kirsche
Learn German
Learn Italian
* Take more pictures
* Do something fun for my birthday
* Visit Carouge
Stop drinking so much coffee
* Find Calvin's grave
Get through a full two hours of judo
Stop procrastinating on the interwebs

* A star means it either is likely to or it must get done

And finally, completely not in relation to anything above, please enhance the next five minutes of your life by listening to this video. Turn up your speakers.


  1. I'm quite sure it was an inadvertent omission that resulted in "visit Rome" not having a star next to it!

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