Thursday, October 20, 2011

Le vrai français

I think I hit the point this week where my brain has totally given up with the French. Hopefully this is just the point at which my brain is re-wiring, and that by next week everything will be functioning in tip-top shape and I'll be close to fluent. Or something. But on Tuesday I hit a low point: I was having such trouble expressing myself in class that my prof (who was trying to be kind, and reassured me that "it's not a language course") told me just to speak English. *sigh* And at judo it was no better, I simply could. not. speak. French. And just in the last couple of days I've found that I'm having an easier time getting words out in a reasonably quick manner (think: the chatter you get from an attention-starved four-year-old), but my comprehension has totally backslided (backslid? can we say that in English? Please add English to my growing list of "defunct languages". Soon I'll be at the point where I can only point at my own reflection in the mirror while I babble and drool).

Anyway, please watch this clip in order to better understand what my daily life is like here. I can't figure out how to embed the link, though it's probably not that hard. For those of you who understand le vrai français, I hope you laugh as hard as I did (okay, still do) when I first saw (and continue to watch on a regular basis) this clip. And for those who can't understand ... well, you'll have the more authentic-Kathryn-experience that way anyway, so don't worry.

"Je veux juste ... un sundae ... aux peanuts!"

Yeah, you and me both, buddy.

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