Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enough's Enough

It has been snowing for six days straight now. Since overnight Friday, there have been intermittent yet constant heavy snowstorms, complete with the occasional very close lighting and very loud thunder. Oh, and gangs of punk guys-who-are-totally-too-old-for-this-nonsense targeting passers-by unawares with dozens of snowballs as they walk down the street.

I want the snow to stop. I had planned to spend this week outside enjoying Dublin, since I spent the whole semester inside and working so hard. Now, when it gets rights down to it I'm still glad that that's how I spent my time, because It's really nice not to be feeling rushed during my last week. But between the buses barely running, the icy sidewalks, and having to walk around like a hunted animal because you never know when you're going to get pelted with hard wet snowballs thrown by some guy from his second-floor window or roof, it makes going out really unpleasant and difficult. I've already seen quite a bit of what I wanted to see though, so it's not like I'm missing very much. It's just at times like these that I really wish our rez was downtown and not in the 'burbs. Then I could just go out for an hour, do something, and come back when I got cold or hungry rather than having to plan out my entire day around whether I will be here or not here.

Tonight my roommate and I are going to see the Palestrina Choir from the Pro-Cathedral give their annual Christmas concert downtown at the National Concert Hall, and we'll have to go out for dinner beforehand. So that, at least, is something. And tomorrow I'll probably just go out anyway, maybe go see a museum or something. I'm getting bored hanging out in my room, which is the only moderately warm place in the house - the heating is broken and/or the windows are large and drafty everywhere else, so you can't hang out in the sitting room or anything without a blanket and a hat.

Grump, grump, grump. I'm really excited about going home on Monday morning. Dublin has been lots of fun, but I really just need to go home now. Soon! Yay!

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