Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boarding School

Oh man, we are in so much trouble!

We came back more than an hour and a half past curfew. In fairness, we thought we were okay, because the numerary (lady who works in the house) who was supposed to lock up tonight was with us, so even though we hadn't asked for a "late night" (which is what you are allowed to do, as a group, once a week, if you ask) we thought we were fine. So we got back and the door was bolted. I thought the numerary was going to shit her pants, she was so scared. We called our friend (who had left early and was totally sleeping) to let us in, but we hadn't realized that the door being bolted from the inside also meant the door being locked, with a key (that we couldn't locate), from the inside. We were so screwed.

So, we got someone to unlock the downstairs window, and we climbed in. The only other alternative was to go back to town (by taxi? the buses aren't running this late) and get a hotel room.

We totally climbed in the window.

What am I, sixteen?

I never did shit like this when I was sixteen.

On the same note, when I was a kid, I always wanted to go to boarding school. Part of the allure was that I could have adventures with comrades-in-cahoots - like this. Who knew I would be having to behave like this at age 24?

Whatever, I'm leaving this whole mess behind in 30 hours. (!)

And they still don't know that I have internet in my room. =D

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  1. Yes we really felt like in a boarding school...!! I'm the only one to know you had internet in your room haha