Tuesday, October 5, 2010


You know, I'm really going to miss the Early Printed Books reading room at Trinity, once my day pass runs out at the end of this week. Sitting here for hours on end, every single day, poring over my book, has really defined my Ireland experience so far. It's a small room where everyone knows everyone. In just a few weeks I've found my favorite seat and my favorite spot for my backpack. I know all the librarians and they know me; they have my book out and waiting for me when I come off the elevator and go to put away my stuff. I can leave my things spread out all over the table when I go for lunch, because they know what's mine, and it's not like spots are hard to come by in here anyway. I'm especially going to miss the little jolly librarian man, who always has a big smile and something to chat about when I come in in the morning. When is Hug A Librarian Day? Because I really want to hug this dude.

Coming back on Tuesday evenings and the occasional Saturday just won't be the same; it will be like visiting high school after you graduate.

Seriously, can I be so geeky that I'm blogging about how much I'm going to miss spending hours every day in a little library room, when I'm in Ireland and supposed to be out and about and having a good time?

Yes, apparently so.

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