Saturday, October 9, 2010


I made it! I left home at 12:30pm and got to the B&B at 8:40pm, after getting a little lost in downtown Oxford (which is amazing!). It's a cute old house, with me in a tiny room on the third floor, and the closest bathroom on the landing between the first and second floors. It reminds me very much of The Burrow, and the woman who runs it is like Mrs. Weasley with grey hair. She has two friendly little dogs, so I'll have to be careful to wash my hands all the time (which I just realized I didn't do before touching my keyboard).

I'm meeting a friend from McGill tomorrow morning for the first chaplaincy Mass of the year, followed by a community lunch, and then we'll get to walk around a bit. I had thought, until Thursday morning, that i was getting in on Sunday night. I'm glad I didn't do that though, because now I have all day Sunday to walk around and see things, and just kind of get myself situated.

I love Oxford already. It's amazing - bustling with people and life and fun times, but not in an overwhelming, middle of the big city kind of way.

And on an end note, I flew RyanAir to get here, because the tickets are so goldang cheap. I only took a backpack, because to check a bag would have cost as much as the flight itself, so I'm going to have to do laundry halfway through the week. It was quit an adventure getting everything to fit in the backpack. Oh RyanAir - picture an airborne Greyhound bus, and you'll get it exactly right. Good grief.

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  1. I love Oxford, too. Oxford commas, that is. It can be quite annoying when you are reading something and you see something like this:
    She was gray, small and round.
    "Small and round" does not describe the word "gray," therefore the sentence is incorrect. It should read properly as:
    She was gray, small, and round.
    By writing the sentence this way, it is obvious that the words "gray," "small," and "round" describe "she," the subject of the sentence. Thank you for your time. Have fun, and keep writing.