Friday, October 29, 2010

Random List

1. The internet's down in the house again. If it's not fixed soon, there's going to be a mutiny.

2. It is absolutely glorious lately - about 17 degrees, generally sunny (though not today), and the leaves have finally started to turn brilliant colors.

3. I finally sent the bike to be fixed, because I got out this morning and the tire was flat, again. So I brought it to the shop for the two most urgent things: tire puncture and front brake pads. The guy started mentioning how I need new treads, etc., and I just told him I need new everything; that really the bike should just be set on fire. He gave me a discount on the work.

4. I really love bike riding, but I hate hills.

5. After practice at a new club on Wednesday, my legs are now hurting me in ways they never have before: all the way up the back. Achilles, calves, hamstring, everything, and I don't know why.

6. I'm chomping at the bit to write my thesis. I'm tired of researching; there's alway more secondary source material to be read, and it's so, so hard to call it a day. I just need to pick apart the primary sources and get going.

7. #6 will be easier to do once we have internet again. See #1.

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