Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Evening Hilarity

Hmm, this is so much fun, maybe I should regularly post ridiculous poetry every Tuesday! Would that brighten your day? Or would it make you want to swallow a pack of ball-point pens, since that is more fun than reading my poetry every Tuesday?

Whatever your feelings, you're not escaping this week's installation of Bad Spammer Robot Word-Pairing Haikus.

"Nuisance Excuses"

I taught eighth graders.
They were pros at giving me
Nuisance excuses.

"Fountain Mayflower"

See the old ship there
By the fountain? Mayflower
the Third is its name.

"Thomson That"

I don't know the man
Whose name is on Thomson House,
But they sell cheap beer.

"Bickle No"

Who is the guy called
Sargeant Bickle? No way to
know why I know him.

And one from yours truly:

My wallet left me
Like a lover scorned, for an
unknown jerkface thief.

Seriously though: Sargeant Bickle? Why do I know that name?

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