Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I think that poetry is ridiculous. Therefore, I will share with you some ridiculousness of my own making. These are based on the random paring of two words that you must type into the box on CraigsList before you can post an item, to prove that you are not a spammer robot.

"Probing Author"
The probing author
Waits for his writer's block to
Vanish from his mind.

"Spaulding Was"
Of all the brands I
Saw on sport shirts, shoes, and balls,
Spaulding was my fave.

"Florio Here"
Places dancers for the show.
"Kim there, Florio here."

"It Tubae"
Anemone waves.
Aquarium sign says name.
It "Tubae Verdae."

"Sometimes Nixes"
My computer works fine.
Often it saves what I want,
But sometimes nixes it.

Now for one of my own:
It is so hot that
I woke up at five, and now
I write bad haiku.

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