Monday, November 7, 2011


Gosh, 25 is just such a big number! It got me thinking, now that I'm old and gray, what would I tell myself ...

... at age 20? I promise, one day your hair will be as nice as hers.

... at age 15? He's not even that cute; just stop.

... at age 10? Brains are good, friends are better. Cultivate both. (Also, they're lying - homework is so totally not worth the effort!)

... at age 5? SANTA IS REAL!!!

Also, I love looking at the things that people send me, because it helps me to understand how I present myself(ves) to the world. 

For instance, my mom sent me an e-card that included Fabio, on a unicorn, playing the flute. On a tropical island beach. So I could add him to my collection. Ahem.

My friend from Montreal sent me a cynical drag queen: 

My sister wrote "Hepi burtdert!" on my wall ... and I understood it immediately. 

And another friend sent me an e-card that was full of prayers, Bible quotes, and words like love, peace, and joy

All are appropriate, but I can't help but sing One of these things is not like the other...

Lolz. Happy my-Birthday to you all!

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