Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Party = Success

I skipped Quick Takes this week. And I say "skipped" only to disguise the fact that I actually meant "missed". Because I'm working on a presentation for tomorrow that I've been working on for way too long and should be working on right now in fact, because it's nowhere near done. Therefore, you get the unusual treat of a blog post on a Sunday.

Self-reflection moment: You know that no matter what you do, how good your intentions are, and how early you start you only ever get things done in the last few days. Accept this and move on, and stop trying to start things 4 weeks in advance. It makes absolutely no difference to the quality of work you produce or how much cramming you spend during the last weekend before it is due. It only makes you stress for four weeks under the guise of "getting a head start on it". It's baloney. Stop.

Thank you for accompanying me on this little side journey into the inner recesses of my brain.

And so, I spend the last day of my 25th year of life doing what I spent pretty much every other day of my 25th year of life doing: reading and writing about seventeenth century Ireland. Whoopie hooray.

BUT, I did go out and have a seriously good time last night. I gathered a small group of friends from the foyer where I live, and we went out to eat fondue by the lake, where we met up with a friend of mine from judo and her friend who was visiting from Luxembourg (!). The place was pretty sketch, actually - thank goodness we had someone with us who francophone because the bitchy lady kept screwing up our orders and then yelling at us for it. It took, literally, 15+ minutes to order a fondue for two people, a bottle of wine, and 5 soups. But, finally, it worked, and we went inside and squeezed ourselves onto tiny benches and had ourselves a nice little bilingual party. The fondue was good, and then my friend from judo brought me a little present of a chocolate cauldron that has something to do with something on Dec 12th ... anyway, point being, you all put your hands on it and then the youngest person gets to say "And so perish the French!" and then you smash it. Lol. So we did that and had a nice little smashed chocolate dessert.

It was still pretty early so we went to a bar just around the corner from the judo club, which had delicious shots for 5 francs that had the most ridiculously pornographic names ever. But they were really tasty - I sipped mine, because they were like mini martinis more than anything. It was a chill place, good atmosphere, good music - I'll have to go back for sure. Then at about 10:30 we headed over to the salsa place where we were obliged to buy very expensive drinks in order to secure a table but then we stayed until 1 am dancing. (Not much salsa actually, mostly bachata and reggaeton, but lots of fun nonetheless.) Awesome awesome awesome, and everyone had a good time (and I was not obliged to kick any creepers in the junk, as I had been warned might be the case, ha!).

And so once again I prepare to spend my birthday in a new place, with new friends and new things to do. Tonight the choir sings at Mass, then tomorrow I'm going to give the most awesome presentation ever (LOLZ) and go drink some beers in the park to celebrate the official tick towards the end of my first quarter century on this earth. Just because I can. =)

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