Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Days

I feel like I've been here two weeks. In lieu of a proper written post, here's a list of things I've done so far since landing in Geneva Monday morning:

* Moved into a dorm room - my first real dorm room ever
* Met several cute old French-speaking nuns who run the residence
* Slept through breakfast two days in a row
* Found a judo club
* Gone to judo class
* Found a church nearby
* Visited the basilica (PS - if any piece of art or decoration in your church requires the words "It can be interpreted as ..." in the description, someone needs to get fired. Like, for instance, the priest responsible.)
* Called my parents
* Registered at the university
* Met most of the members of my department
* Gotten my bursary
* Been refused a bank account
* Discovered that the post office handles common daily banking, not the banks
* Met two girls speaking English in my res
* Met a French speaking girl
* Gone food shopping twice
* Been shocked and awed at the prices of food to eat out here
* Walked so much my feet hurt
* Twisted my ankle again
* Not taken any pictures yet
* Seen the Alps ... from the plane
* Set up my internet
* Gone salsa dancing
* Spoken pretty much all French
* Had many people treat me like a moron because I either don't understand well or don't speak well
* Gotten a cell phone (+41 78 906 84 68)
* Emailed my friend in Paris
* Chosen my classes ... for the most part
* Had a minor panic attack
* Been homesick
* Bought Swiss chocolate
* Failed to buy cheap wine
* Eaten crap food like I haven't done in years ... hopefully that will settle down soon once I settle in
* Bought travel guides to Geneva and Switzerland
* Pet a dog
* Nearly gotten run over in traffic
* Took the wrong tram
* Asked for and received directions in French without a problem
* Saw the lake up close
* Paid my school fees
* Done much much better with the jetlag than last year

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