Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo Show

My mom and I were talking today about a show that she will be hanging in September, up in PEI where they all now live. She does art quilting, which basically means she makes "paintings" out of various kinds of fabric. We're not talking your traditional grandmother's quilt here, we're talking fanciful designs in cloth. This tiny picture is a quilt that she worked on with her studio in Lowell, MA a little before the family moved. It's actually a huge quilt, something like 6 feet long by 4 feet high. I couldn't find a bigger picture of it. It's pretty striking.

Mom has, for the last few years, been making quilts that feature nuns and saints. Right now she's working on a replacement Saint Michael, after the original was "lost" by the entity to whom she had given it as a gift, as well as a Saint George and the Dragon. All in all, by the time her show rolls around, she should have ten pieces to exhibit. Not too shabby, considering how much work goes into each one!

Now back to me. I'm going to be in PEI for two weeks before I head to Ireland, and I'm pretty good at photography. Yes, those two statements are related. Because on my Bucket List (which I made about ten years before they were called that) appears the entry "Hang a photo show and sell a photo". Most of my photos were taken in PEI, mainly because it's the most beautiful place on God's green earth. So I'm going to make a bunch of prints, get some dollar store frames, and piggyback on my mom's show.

She's going to call it "Here and the Hereafter". Pretty clever, no?

I'm kind of excited about this. I suppose I should be more excited about going to Ireland, but that involves too much work right now, what with packing and transporting boxes and all that. Hanging a photo show is at least something that I can wrap my brain around and isn't too overwhelming. Too bad I can't be there for my artist's debut. But it will be a nice start, and maybe if I can get a few good shots in Ireland, I can hang an independent show somewhere later on.

One day, I'll write a post about how I see photos. It won't be helpful to you budding photographers in the slightest, but for anyone with an interest in neuro-optical stuff, it should prove worth the read.

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