Sunday, August 1, 2010

A List

1) My favorite movie of all time is Little Women, the 1992 version with Winona Rider. I watch it when I get homesick, sometimes.

2) I like period movies that are so well-done that you can't tell when they were made. Sense and Sensibility, for instance, would qualify as well.

3) My roommate is gone for the next two weeks, which is making my packing/planning/destroying the apartment process much easier, since I can leave my stuff all over every room and there's no one around to be bothered by it.

4) I will be leaving Montreal, essentially for good, in 3 weeks. I will have to return several times I'm sure for things like research, presentations, and doctor's appointments, but I never plan to really live here full-time again.

5) That's a really scary and overwhelming thought, so I'm going to stop thinking about it.

6) When I move to Des Moines next year, I would like to audition for the opera company.

7) I went to the Highland Games today and discovered, among other things, that there is a Civil War reenactment group in Montreal, and that Stanton, the last name of my great-grandmother Mary who immigrated to Bangor, Maine in 1916 from Ireland, is actually of Scottish origin.

8) I'm totally craving sushi right now but I have no one to go eat it with.

9) I'm glad we're having early-fall weather instead of raging-humid-heatwave weather.

10) I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything that I want to bring with me to Ireland into my luggage. No idea.

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