Friday, June 3, 2011

7 Quick Takes

- 1 -

Hey, look at that! I happen to be online on a Friday, with enough time to do a proper update. This is only because I am being lazy about replying to very good friends who have been so good and thoughtful as to email me. Please forgive me. I have the weekend off work, so I hope to get to all of the "reply to"s on my to-do list this weekend.

- 2 -

So yes, work! I work! In fact, I am a farmhand. I milk cows, cut lawn on a rider mover (so cool!), paint fences, mix soybeans to ready them for planting, and basically everything else that needs to be done. The guys I work for/with (a couple of brothers, older guys, and some of their friends) are really good about letting me try everything and being patient until I get it right. I've been told that I pick things up quickly, which makes me feel better. I like farming. But let's see how I feel at the end of the summer, when my shoulders are so big from carrying buckets and milk machines that I can't fit into women's tops anymore.

- 3 -

Also, to round out my farmerness, I now own a truck. I drive a truck. A pickup truck is now in my possession, by my own money. Hurrah! I've wanted to drive a pickup since I was about 12, when I first saw a friggin enormous, bright yellow Dodge something or other at a car dealership. And now I have one. And it's so great. 1994 Ford Ranger, in really good condition, V6, rear-wheel drive, with a back slidey-window to boot. The only thing I would change about it is that it's a regular cab, not an extended cab. It would be nice to have a little extra space behind the seats for all of my junk to go when I do have passengers. But it's great. I don't have to adjust the seats and mirrors every time I get in, I don't have to miss events because my sister needs the car, I don't have to worry about driving through muddy potholes, and I never have to change the radio from anything but the country station. Hurrah!

- 4 -

My sister's prom is tonight. I just did her hair and makeup, then I cried internally. I'm looking forward to watching the parade, though. I guess that's the big thing with her high school is that all of the students try to find the best, most creative way to get themselves to the prom. We're talking floats, buses, tractors, horse and buggy, even a helicopter one time. Should be good!

- 5 -

In other news, it's cold here. It was 8 degrees (celsius) when I got up this morning, and probably about 15 when I got home from work. I want the summer to come!

- 6 -

I'm finding it hard to juggle all of the things I have to do with my free time. Which is weird, because I only worked less than 30 hours this week. I hope I can fall into some sort of rhythm soon. Once the weather improves. Gah.

- 7 -

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup! Which I ordinarily wouldn't be happy about, except that they have #54 defenseman Adam McQuaid, who comes from Cornwall, PEI (one town over from me). The one pub in Cornwall had huge screens for every final game, and probably 3/4 of the town came out to watch. Game 7 was so intense - all of his extended family was there, and I was there with my friends, one of whom made signs, and there were radio, TV, and newspaper people there too. I can't wait to see the paper today for all of the coverage! Maybe I'll be in the paper! And the Stanley Cup will be coming to Cornwall! Hurrah!

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