Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been raining all week. Rain is exhausting.

It's very bizarre weather, actually - for several days we had very, very strong winds with showers and drizzle. It was like having a hurricane raging outside, but with driving drizzle instead of driving rain. I liked listening to the wind batter the roof, but not so much when it made the fan in my bathroom click just loud enough to keep me awake at night.

I've gotten very little done these last few days. Thursday I didn't do anything; I was just so exhausted that I stayed in bed most of the day. But then that evening my two roommates and I went here for an early birthday dinner for me. It's a very cool place - a renovated church that has been turned into a swank bar downstairs, a fancy restaurant on the upstairs gallery, and a club in the basement. In fact, it's the church where Arthur Guinness was married. I don't know the story behind turning it into a restaurant, though. It still has the organ up in the loft, and some remnants (plaques on the wall, etc.) from its church days. Odd, but fun. I had quite a selection of brightly colored, delightful drinks, and fresh veggies via an enormous salad.

I crave vegetables here. Europeans eat so much meat and starch, with only a small amount of cooked veggies on the side at dinner. I, on the other hand, am used to a nearly meatless, often raw diet of many vegetables all the time. I'll be so happy when I get home and I can eat what I want, when I want. And do my own laundry. I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. I will miss having my own bathroom, though. That rocks my socks.

Now it's really raining, a real proper rainstorm. At least it's not drizzle.

I worked yesterday morning, but then in the afternoon two of my roommates and I walked to the mall to do a bit of shopping. I bought some huge earrings, and we just kind of hung out and enjoyed being out of the house. Then today I was exhausted again and spent the morning in bed. I'm just going to read a book this afternoon. Whatever, it's Saturday. Then tonight my french roommate was talking about going out after dinner, so maybe we can find a chill pub with good beer and good music (and no tourists).

I've always liked listening to the rain and wind on the roof. I suppose that comes from sleeping under the eaves in the attic for half my life. It's so wild, yet you're so protected from it. And I have such a variety of roofs just outside my window because of where my room is located.

I have such a great little room. I will miss it, a little.


  1. you are kewl and so are vegetables.
    Guess which vegetable T and I saw in chip form at a hippie store at the jt market the other day? hint: I can't say bc I told you I wouldn't anymore!!

  2. This totally made me laugh, even though I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I would guess bananas, because I hate them, except bananas aren't vegetables.

    So now I'm dying to know: which vegetable was it?