Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Made It!

Goodness gracious, I've finally discovered internet!

It turns out that though they restrict access to their libraries, UCD does not lock their internet. So as long as I don't mind the 20 minute trek to campus I can use it all I want. Hopefully we get internet in our residence soon.

This is not a long update, but I am back on the map at last, after a month of web silence. Moving was insane, PEI was lovely and wonderful and I miss it, and Ireland hasn't made much of an impression on my yet because I got in very early on Monday morning and I'm fighting the worst case of jet lag ever. Rather than adjusting, my body has gone back to stressed-out-in-Montreal 4-hours-per-night mode, which is no fun. I spend much of the day in a semi-zombielike state, unable to get work done. But classes don't start until next week so I'm okay until then. I'm glad I gave myself a week for settling in; I hadn't realized how much I would need it.

Proper updates to come soon, but right now it's dark outside so I'm going to get my bum off this damp picnic bench and go home. Catch you on the flipside.

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  1. Yaaay! I sent you a letter today! I hope you get it soon! xoxoxo