Thursday, September 16, 2010

Class: Fail

My first class was to be today. The small group of us (only four students) waited outside for about 15 minutes, before one of the professors called us into the office to explain that they had cancelled today's class and we'll only begin next week, but apparently no one had gotten the message. So they chatted with us for about 15 minutes to explain how things will go; it looks like most of the interesting stuff is going to happen this term, which is great news for me. Also, the book is in the library, so I don't have to buy it. The course is heavy on historical methodology (the course and book both being called "Writing Irish History"), which is excellent because I'm supposed to be doing a reading course on methodology and reading courses are quite hard to get started in if you don't really know what you're doing. So I expect taking this course will be a great help for the stuff I'm doing in Canada, on top of just being interesting. The professors also seem very nice; the one I had been emailing is much younger than I had thought. Of course I pictured the crazy-shock-of-white-hair absent-minded professor type (think Narnia or Back to the Future) but he's actually a lovely rotund little gentleman who looks to be in maybe his mid-to-late forties.

I'm a bit relieved that class was cancelled, actually, since I spent the whole morning sleeping (again), and now I can go to the library for a few hours after eating my lunch and get a bit of work done.

Also, I received a letter and a postcard yesterday. Thanks guys! I love getting mail! I bought some paper and postcards today too so hopefully I'll be sending stuff out in the next few days.

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