Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scene 1, Take 1

Hello big world.

This is my second attempt at breaking into the blogosphere. My first was a LiveJournal that I had in high school (all the rage back then, let me tell you!), but I figured that since I have changed so much since then, it might just be good to get a fresh start. But my lovely little LJ is still out there, faithfully keeping watch over the turmoil that was my life between 10th grade and my graduation from university several years later. If you truly must see it, just ask.

This step of starting my own blog reminds me of a book that I used to love when I was a little kid: The World Is Big, and I'm So Small. One of the pictures in the book is of the little protagonist rabbit opening the front door that is way, way too big for him, and staring out into the world beyond his house.

I feel like that rabbit right now.

And so, dear reader, hang on for the ride, and bear with me. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

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