Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Groundbreaking News

Not really. This post will be dedicated entirely to the fact that I have now discovered Coke Zero, and my life is complete in ways that I never even knew were possible.

Not really. But Coke Zero is pretty freaking good. I'm not a big soda drinker, due entirely to the fact that I have no car and so any groceries that I buy must be carried home on a ten minute trek that seems like forever when you're carrying heavy things. Like the time, never to be repeated, when I schlepped home a 15 pound bag of rice. Now, I'm a strong girl, and 15 pounds is normally nothing. But combined with a backpack full of other things, and the fact that the day was hot and the bag was slippery, it was the most ridiculous thing ever to try to transport home.

But back to Coke Zero (I wish I was getting paid for mentioning it so many times!). The thing is, I'm a Pepsi girl. Especially when it comes in a glass bottle, like it used to in PEI when I was a little kid. Coke is usually too syrupy-sweet, and diet sodas always taste like plastic. But Coke Zero gets close enough to the Coke taste to be legit and non-disgusting, while retaining the zero-calorie-ness of diet sodas. In fact, whatever sweetener they use makes it actually taste better than regular Coke, because it's not quite so sweet. And when it's in a cold ice chest, and the outside temperature is approaching Hades with humidity, there is just nothing better. Nothing. Better. Nothing.

Now that I have wasted your evening with my little gastronomical update, I will return to my current mission in life: taking as many notes as possible on the various aspects of the Protestant Church in Ireland in the early seventeenth century, including but not limited to its interactions with Catholicism and Catholics, and its application of apocalyptic polemic thereto.

Thank you for not snoring.

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